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I do get that slight root beer float vibe and it is definitely the almond that does it as I get the same smell in Guerlain's l'instant magic and they share that almond note. I can't just throw it on and go otherwise it's too much for me. I love the smell of this perfume but it just hasn't got any muscle power to last the day!!! Like cherries, followed by the Almond cream note in the EDT.I'm really glad I have it but I think my 30ml bottle will last ages. The drydown for both is warm, vanilla Almond cream with a tiny bit of earthy patchouli note.It's one of those fragrances which can react very strongly to personal body chemistry, and unfortunately it reacts very very badly to mine.The original Poison and my lost love, Tendre Poison (why did you discontue this gem Dior, why...) were absolutely fine on my skin.I found the almond note to be more dominant, and actually, I would describe it more as a marzipan note because it had a strong confection-y quality to it.I know HP has a devoted following but to be honest, I didn't enjoy wearing it today.It's strong and "unscrubable" if it doesn't work with your skin. I was first introduced to this fragrance shortly after launch when I was demonstrating for Dior. Only when you've had it on a couple of hours does the hypnotic element take over. But I'm a big girl now, and maybe it's time to enjoy it for what it really is - gorgeous.

It turned into an overwhelming cough syrup cloud which just wouldn't wash off no matter how much soap I used.I was made to sit in disgrace in the back seat of the car with the windows down all the way home.I thought that perhaps the bottle in that shop had gone off, especially given that the other flanker and original Poison had been fine on me, so I tried it again. So those old rules about never purchasing a fragrance for others unless you know they love it, and never blind buying perfumes unless you are prepared for possible disappointment, monetary loss (and a sandblasting experience to rid your upper dermis) really applies to Hypnotic Poison. It would be a charming addition, but I never got over its close association with the original Poison, which was about as overdone as a Phil Collins song back then.It's just too sweet and a bit..loud, I guess I would say.It didn't evolve much either, so for me, it was just too much of a 'meh' kind of one-dimensional almondy thing.

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