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Local legend suggests that it is involved in dark rituals, and that it is best avoided at night.

The whole thing is comprised of two concentric circles and an inner burial mound, with a surrounding circular wall – the mound would originally have stood several meters high.

The O stone was considered a cure for all ailments, and was used in healing rituals where children were passed through the circular stone to cure diseases.

At a full moon, legend holds it that if a woman passes through the hole 7 times, she will fall pregnant.

The large capstone on the top of the standing stones weighs a monstrous 13.5 tons; just maneuvering it would have required the help of dozens of men.

Men-an-tol literally means “the hole stone” in the original Cornish tongue.

Unlike the previous tombs on this list, you can actually venture inside.

It’s suggested that hundreds of man hours went into crafting the central stone.Archaeologists believe that the bodies of the deceased were laid out on, or nearby, the burial bound itself.Once stripped by the elements, the individual bones were conveyed inside and sealed up.It is thought that other ancient structures are in line with the stones, and they may have been a way marker as part of a pilgrimage. Local legend suggests that these stones were thrown at the nearby town of Aldborough, but the Devil missed and so the stones remain.One of the most iconic sites in the world, Stonehenge has captured the imaginations of archaeologists for centuries.

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