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Disinterest in your money matters does not mean anything, as well as interest in it is not a bad sign.An attractive young woman may be interested in you because you are successful and have a strong personality, and it does not necessary mean a scammer. So it is virtually impossible to detect a scam in the very beginning.

) So leave your talents of physiognomist to real world meetings, and accept the realities of a virtual relationship.If a woman is genuine, she IS interested in your financial situation (she must care about whether you are able to provide for a family), but she also will not ask directly.Instead, she may ask something about your work or where you live/what type of house you have, but it is also not necessary.The common phrase used by scammers is "Your acts tell more than your words".Those are DEFINITE red flags, and if your situation develops like this, forget about this "woman".

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