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To be honest, they are much more entertaining than the married folks.

She used to call from the phone booth opposite my apartment, wanting to come up. Secondly, they’re going to lie about almost all the things that are going on.

You see, if they had the guts to leave the husband, they would’ve had an open line of communication in the beginning, and none of this would be transpiring right now. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t even be having sex with her at all.

’ and “Oh it’s so fantastic that you found each other.” And yes, they are right. I love my husband and I’m glad we are together but do married people have to act like they accomplished the greatest feat on earth?

It is fantastic and wonderful but what’s with all the hoopla? Getting married does not make you a superior person.

The universe puts out powerful attraction situations that offers meaning, I believe - at times.

Even you embrace one night stands and casual sexual liaisons.

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If I can remember these feelings, then I can still relate to single people with intelligence and kindness, rather than accusation and stupidity.

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