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The document Set wraps the class SPFolder so the add/edit document will not trigger the item Updated event?

Is there any event for when document is added/updated from the document Set?

List Item in an event receiver SPList Item special Item = list. Properties["some_persisted_key"] = "Some Value here"; special Item.

[;] We have a document-set the event receiver is attached to the Content Type (for Document-Set), the idea is when a new site is created document-Set is created as part of provisioning and the event is attached to the it.

Item Updated In Item Updating event, I am checking one field value for a change.

//the list item you want to update (typically SPItem Event Properties.We tried attaching event-receiver using (typical) PS script.We can see the event-receiver attached in the SP Manager as well as the (event receiver) count.We inherit SPItem Event Receiver and IDisposable, SPItem Event Receiver will give us access to the base properties in the event receiver and IDisposable will give us a Dispose method (which comes in handy in a moment).SPItem Event Receiver has a property called Event Firing Enabled, which simply indicates whether event firing is enabled.

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