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God bless the dedicated soccer moms and dads who devote time and energy to coaching kiddie soccer teams, but often these folks think the ball moves be- cause there is a frog inside it.

As interest in playing and watching soccer increases in the US over time, more and more of the folks who take time to teach our youth at early ages will have the previ- ously-lacking soccer savvy. And with the current trend of people being ashamed to say they don’t under- stand or like the game at risk of not “trending” with the times, it’s more likely to gain support from even the currently disinterested or oblivious. r Are l Aurel CAsey Appe Ar An Ce On Friday, July 4, one of the most independent spirits in the Biggest Little — the legendary Laurel Casey — will have rare per- formance at Sandywoods Center for the Arts, in Tiverton. I have a studio space in Pawtucket, and I paint there, but I continue to clean my house in Vermont.

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  1. While two fingered chords are more difficult than four fingered chords, learning this skill will bring great improvement to your banjo skills as shown by the sample song "Banks of the Ohio." Play two finger chords on the banjo.

  2. “I'm learning about myself a lot more, especially about growing up. Born in 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, to a single mother, Bieber took second place in a local talent competition at a young age.