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Not only that, the way someone treats their pets might just indicate how caring they will be as a partner... It might be time to get a dog: our latest user survey has revealed that UK singles think that dog owners are extra attractive.While the survey showed that 57% of Brits think that owning any pet at all makes someone more attractive, dogs were crowned the best of the best.Plus, the survey results still show that 77 percent of people would not back out of a date with a dog lover, so I wouldn't exactly call it a detriment.Sure I may have to run home and walk my dogs before I go out at night or limit my vacations to pay for vet bills, but I don’t care if my dogs hurt my prospects.In fact, 63% of those attracted to pet owners admit that they’re most likely to go dotty for someone who has a dog.What’s more, of self-described dog lovers say they’re more attracted to someone who owns a pooch.72% of singles think that the way a pet responds to a new partner is an indication of how the relationship will go.It is dog lovers who are the most likely to prioritize their furry pals though: one in three dog lovers (32%) would end a relationship if their dog did not like the new beau – while only 27% of cat people would call time on a romance if their cat wasn't happy.

They found that 23 percent of people would be less likely to date someone with a dog.Now, a new app is letting him serve as your online dating wingman: Tindog is the first social app specifically for dog lovers who want to connect with other nearby owners and their adorable dogs, of course. In fact, your profile picture must include your furry friend and vital stats, such as his age and personality traits.Your dog can also describe what you're looking for in his "own" words: "My owner needs a man who's down to watch marathon episodes of while giving me belly rubs," for example.Dogs make a good excuse to strike up a conversation.And, maybe because all of my friends are pet lovers, every woman I know gives extra bonus points to a man with a dog.

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