Dating lawchick in gta 4

This Gamespot game guide to Grand Theft Auto IV features: This section provides walk-throughs for all of the single-player story missions.Note that many of these missions can be completed in a different order than the one presented below.

Objective: Lose the loan sharks and take Roman back to the cab depot. Return to your cousin’s car and drive back to the cab depot to complete the mission. Drive quickly and get out of the flashing wanted zone indicated on the mini-map.We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to get you through every facet of Grand Theft Auto IV and every corner of Liberty City.You’ll find a complete walk-through of the story mode, details on all friends, girlfriends, and random characters, solutions to side missions, multiplayer tips, and cheat codes.Drive Roman’s taxi onto the resident parking space in front of the apartment building—parking cars in this space will save them (like the garage in previous GTA games).You earn for completing this mission (as well as an achievement if you’re playing on the Xbox 360).

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