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A substantial majority are available for the i Phone as well as for the i Pad’s more child-friendly screen.They are available in Apple’s App Store, with its i Books site mostly offering digital versions of standard books, without interactive bells and whistles.Fierce Grey Mouse (59p) by the illustrator Chantal Marie Bourgonje is an original property developed for the Apple platforms, and is a charmer.

This is a sweet tale for younger children, enlivened with sound-effects, movable characters and a pelmanism-like block-matching game for when the story’s over.It includes the full 250-page Alice as well as a cut-down version for bedtime.A similar technique is applied in The Little Mermaid and Other Tales (£5.49), which illuminates Hans Christian Andersen’s chilly and elliptic tales with a cunning variety of pressable animations.The Three Little Pigs and the Secret of a Pop-Up Book (£2.39) is one of the most successful of a new breed of virtual pop-up books: it transforms Leonard Leslie Brooke’s classic illustrations from 1904 into a sequence of tableaux that can be moved by touching the tabs onscreen.But the book also features an “X-Ray” mode, in which, by tapping an icon, the paper cogs, springs and gears that would go into the construction of a real pop-up book are revealed.

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