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The more one looks at the King’s story and its prominence in yesterday’s broadcast news, the more odd it becomes. For Lord Kerslake is but one of several former senior civil servants who have had their snouts very much disjointed by recent political developments.

Brexit, and the disappearance of the Blairites, has sent many of them loopy.

The NHS yesterday would only say that the financial performance at King’s was ‘unacceptable and continues to deteriorate’.

How did such a low-wattage specimen become head of the Civil Service?

Take former Treasury permanent secretary Lord (Nicholas) Mc Pherson, who was at or near the top of our national counting house for many years under many Chancellors.

What was not reported by the BBC yesterday morning was that Lord Kerslake jumped from his role at the hospital after being told that he could soon be fired.

the world of Centre-Left officialdom as it was before the scurvy electorate voted for us to leave Whitehall’s beloved EU.

Also in the House of Lords we find Lord (David) Hannay and Lord (John) Kerr, two former princelings of the Foreign Office who now lead resistance to Brexit in the Upper House.

Kerslake is currently working for the Labour Party.

He was commissioned by the Shadow Chancellor, Marxist John Mc Donnell, to prepare a series of ‘implementation manuals’ for Jeremy Corbyn and Co as they (allegedly) prepare for Government.

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