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It uses Facebook basic data to analyse users and recommends compatible partners based on geographic location and common interests.Swiping right, the app enables users to like another user anonymously or pass on them by swiping left.Or it may be you need to talk about how things are going in order to find even more ways to connect or review what has worked for you.Not everything you think of or try will change things, and if it’s becoming tiresome or feeling false to do this then you may want to leave things be. Email your sex and relationships queries in confidence to:[email protected] Petra cannot print answers to every single question submitted, but she does read all your emails.

They will tell you they don’t subscribe to the ‘African mentality’ of women should be this and men should be that. They are getting on quite well till one day random statement, “You should grow your hair” “Ermmm why” “You will look more ladylike. Is your leisure time unfairly distributed (maybe one of you works longer hours, does more of the housework or is on shifts so your time together is limited). If not, what steps can you take to ensure your time together is enjoyable and your time apart is not wasted? Add another category of things you do not do right now but would like to try.Swap your lists and talk about what you’d like to do next. You can’t have a woman who earns more than you” I thought it was just me but I realised even female friends and acquaintances have had similar experiences with Nigerian men from all walks of life. Many men often BELIEVE they are less traditional than they actually are. Sometimes you have little choice in this and supporting each other through it may be better than trying to force loads more time or activities together when you are already stressed, exhausted or distracted. What other activities take up your time and how you feel about them?

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