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Kind/a mensch – a really good person who people are like, “Wow, what a guy! Sarcastic/cynical – says jokes a lot of time as supposedly funny but I think they are insulting and mean—insensitive. Stubborn/inflexible – unwillingness to change or adapt and/or grow. Overly critical – notices bad over good, doesn’t recognize or acknowledge good things.” Some people write, “I don’t want someone who…” By writing, “Qualities that are not fitting for me” she says the same thing in a more palatable way. – I put this as a bonus because I think I am actually funny so I don’t NEED that in a relationship but it’s a nice plus when your significant other can make u laugh – at silly things, funny situations in a non-mean or teasing way, laughter out of love. Passionate – If they have their own passions, interests, hobbies…they are interested in life in a different way other than JUST their profession. Clearly this was a dating profile she sent out to friends, family and matchmakers.

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The rankings were based on job availability, cost of living, nightlife, coolness, culture, online dating activity and the number of singles in the area. Cooler than Miami, cooler than Chicago, cooler than Los Angeles.

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Cu o varietate atat de mare, uneori poate sa fie de-a dreptul dificil sa alegem un singur model preferat si potrivit.